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NRules Namespace

Contains types that implement runtime components of the rules engine.
Public classActivation
Represents a match of all rule's conditions.
Public classAgendaExpressionEvaluationException
Represents errors that occur while evaluating agenda expression.
Public classRuleActionEvaluationException
Represents errors that occur while evaluating rule action.
Public classRuleCompilationException
Represents errors that occur while compiling a rule.
Public classRuleCompiler
Compiles rules in a canonical rule model form into an executable representation.
Public classRuleConditionEvaluationException
Represents errors that occur while evaluating rule condition.
Public classRuleExecutionException
Represents errors that occur during rules execution.
Public classRuleExpressionEvaluationException
Represents errors that occur while evaluating expressions as part of rules execution.
Public classRuleRepositoryExtensions
Public classSession
See ISession.
Public interfaceIAgenda
Agenda stores matches between rules and facts. These matches are called activations. Multiple activations are ordered according to the conflict resolution strategy.
Public interfaceIFactResult
Result of an operation on a set of facts.
Public interfaceISession
Represents a rules engine session. Created by ISessionFactory. Each session has its own working memory, and exposes operations that manipulate facts in it, as well as fire matching rules.
Public interfaceISessionFactory
Represents compiled production rules that can be used to create rules sessions. Created by RuleCompiler by compiling rule model into an executable form.