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IActionInterceptor Interface

Extension point for rule actions interception. An instance of IActionInterceptor can be assigned to ActionInterceptor or ActionInterceptor, so that invocation of all rule actions is delegated to the interceptor. The interceptor is free to add pre- or post-processing to action invocations, error handling, or decide not to invoke the actions.

Namespace:  NRules.Extensibility
Assembly:  NRules (in NRules.dll) Version: 0.8.4
public interface IActionInterceptor

The IActionInterceptor type exposes the following members.

Public methodIntercept
Called by the rules engine in place of the action invocations when a rule fires. The interceptor can add behavior to action invocation and choose to either proceed with the invocations or not.
When actions are invoked via IActionInterceptor, exceptions thrown by actions are not wrapped into RuleActionEvaluationException. It is the responsibility of the interceptor to handle the exceptions. Exceptions thrown from the interceptor are not handled by the engine and just propagate up the stack.
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