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QueryExtensions Class

Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  NRules.Fluent.Dsl
Assembly:  NRules.Fluent (in NRules.Fluent.dll) Version: 0.8.4
public static class QueryExtensions

The QueryExtensions type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberCollectTSource
Aggregates matching facts into a collection.
Public methodStatic memberGroupByTSource, TKey(IQueryTSource, ExpressionFuncTSource, TKey)
Aggregates source facts into groups based on a grouping key.
Public methodStatic memberGroupByTSource, TKey, TElement(IQueryTSource, ExpressionFuncTSource, TKey, ExpressionFuncTSource, TElement)
Aggregates source facts into groups based on a grouping key. Projects facts as part of grouping based on a value selection expression.
Public methodStatic memberMatchTFact
Creates a query from matching facts in the engine's working memory.
Public methodStatic memberSelectTSource, TResult
Projects source facts using selector expression.
Public methodStatic memberSelectManyTSource, TResult
Flattens source facts using collection selector expression.
Public methodStatic memberWhereTSource
Filters source facts using a set of predicate expressions. The facts must match all predicate expressions in order to pass the filter.
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