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RuleBuilder Class

Builder to compose a rule definition. Contains methods to specify rule's metadata, as well as create child builders for rule's left-hand side and right-hand side. Creates IRuleDefinition.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  NRules.RuleModel.Builders
Assembly:  NRules.RuleModel (in NRules.RuleModel.dll) Version: 0.8.4
public class RuleBuilder

The RuleBuilder type exposes the following members.

Public methodRuleBuilder
Constructs an empty rule builder.
Public methodBuild
Creates rule definition using current state of the builder.
Public methodDependencies
Retrieves dependencies builder.
Public methodDescription
Sets rule's description.
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Public methodFilters
Retrieves filters builder.
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Public methodLeftHandSide
Retrieves left hand side builder (conditions).
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Public methodName
Sets rule's name.
Public methodPriority
Sets rule's priority. Default priority is 0.
Public methodProperties
Adds rule's properties.
Public methodProperty
Adds rule's property.
Public methodRepeatability
Sets rule's repeatability. Default repeatability is Repeatable.
Public methodRightHandSide
Retrieves right hand side builder (actions).
Public methodTag
Adds rule's tag.
Public methodTags
Adds rule's tags.
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Thread Safety
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