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NRules.Extensibility Namespace

Contains types that enable extensibility of the rules engine.
Public interfaceIActionInterceptor
Extension point for rule actions interception. An instance of IActionInterceptor can be assigned to ActionInterceptor or ActionInterceptor, so that invocation of all rule actions is delegated to the interceptor. The interceptor is free to add pre- or post-processing to action invocations, error handling, or decide not to invoke the actions.
Public interfaceIActionInvocation
Represents invocation of the proxied rule action.
Public interfaceIDependencyResolver
Defines a mechanism to resolve rule dependencies at runtime. An instance of IDependencyResolver can be assigned to DependencyResolver or DependencyResolver, so that all requests for rule dependencies resolution are fulfiled by that resolver.
Public interfaceIResolutionContext
Context for dependency resolution.