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NRules.Fluent.Dsl Namespace

Contains types that allow specifying rules using internal DSL in C#.
Public classContextExtensions
Public classDescriptionAttribute
Sets rule's description.
Public classNameAttribute
Sets rule's name. Name set via the attribute overrides the default name, which is the fully qualified class name.
Public classPriorityAttribute
Sets rule's priority. If multiple rules get activated at the same time, rules with higher priority get executed first. Priority value can be positive, negative or zero. Default priority is zero.
Public classQueryExpressionTSource
Expression builder for queries.
Public classQueryExtensions
Public classRepeatabilityAttribute
Sets rule's repeatability, that is, how it behaves when it is activated with the same set of facts multiple times, which is important for recursion control. By default rules are Repeatable, which means a rule will fire every time it is activated with the same set of facts. If repeatability is set to NonRepeatable then the rule will not fire with the same combination of facts, unless that combination was previously deactivated (i.e. through retraction).
Public classRule
Base class for inline rule definitions. To create a rule using internal DSL, create a class that inherits from NRules.Fluent.Dsl.Rule and override Define method. Use When and Then methods to define rule's conditions and actions correspondingly. A rule can also be decorated with attributes to add relevant metadata: NameAttribute, DescriptionAttribute, TagAttribute, PriorityAttribute, RepeatabilityAttribute.
Public classTagAttribute
Adds a tag to rule's metadata. A rule class can have multiple tag attributes, and also inherits tag attributes from its parent classes. Tags can be used to filter rules when loading them through fluent load specification.
Public interfaceICollectQueryTSource
Intermediate query chain element used for Collect modifiers.
Public interfaceIDependencyExpression
Rule's dependencies expression builder.
Public interfaceIFilterExpression
Rule's filters expression builder.
Public interfaceILeftHandSideExpression
Rule's left-hand side (conditions) expression builder.
Public interfaceIOrderedQueryTSource
Intermediate query chain element used for OrderBy modifiers.
Public interfaceIQuery
Root of the query method chain.
Public interfaceIQueryTSource
Intermediate query chain element.
Public interfaceIQueryBuilder
Internal builder for queries.
Public interfaceIRightHandSideExpression
Rule's right-hand side (actions) expression builder.