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NRules.RuleModel Namespace

Contains types that represent rules in the canonical model form.
Public classActionElement
Action executed by the engine when the rule fires.
Public classActionGroupElement
Rule element that groups actions that run when the rule fires.
Public classAggregateElement
Rule element that creates new facts (aggregates) based on matching facts it receives as input.
Public classAndElement
Grouping element based on the logical AND condition.
Public classBindingElement
Rule element that represents results of an expression.
Public classDeclaration
Rule element declaration.
Public classDeclarationExtensions
Public classDependencyElement
Dependency that the rule uses when its actions run.
Public classDependencyGroupElement
Rule element that groups dependencies that the rule uses when its actions runs.
Public classExistsElement
Existential quantifier.
Public classExpressionCollection
Ordered readonly collection of named expressions.
Public classExpressionElement
Rule element that defines an expression.
Public classFilterElement
Filter that determines which rule matches should trigger rule actions.
Public classFilterGroupElement
Rule element that groups filters that determine which rule matches should trigger rule actions.
Public classForAllElement
Universal quantifier.
Public classGroupElement
Grouping element that logically combines the patterns or other grouping elements.
Public classNamedExpressionElement
Expression with a name used by an aggregator.
Public classNotElement
Negative existential quantifier.
Public classOrElement
Grouping element based on the logical OR condition.
Public classPatternElement
Rule element that represents a pattern that matches facts.
Public classPropertyMap
Readonly map of rule properties.
Public classRuleElement
Base class for rule elements.
Public classRuleElementExtensions
Public classRuleElementVisitorTContext
Visitor to traverse rule definition (or its part).
Public classRuleProperty
Arbitrary value associated with a rule.
Public classRuleSet
Default implementation of a rule set.
Public classRuleSetExtensions
Public interfaceIContext
Rules engine execution context. Can be used by rules to interact with the rules engine, i.e. insert, update, retract facts.
Public interfaceIFact
Fact in the engine's working memory.
Public interfaceIFactMatch
Represents a fact matched by a rule.
Public interfaceIFactSource
Source of the fact, for synthetic facts.
Public interfaceIKeyedLookupTKey, TElement
Collection of facts grouped by a key. Exposes all keys present in the lookup as a Keys collection.
Public interfaceIMatch
Represents a match of all rule's conditions.
Public interfaceIRuleDefinition
Production rule definition in the canonical rule model.
Public interfaceIRuleRepository
In-memory database of production rules arranged into rule sets.
Public interfaceIRuleSet
Represents a named set of rules.
Public interfaceITuple
Set of facts matched by the rules engine.
Public enumerationActionTrigger
Activation events that trigger the actions.
Public enumerationElementType
Describes the element types for the elements of a rule definition.
Public enumerationFactSourceType
Type of source that produced the fact.
Public enumerationFilterType
Type of filter applied to rule matches.
Public enumerationMatchTrigger
Event that triggered the match.
Public enumerationRuleRepeatability
Rule repeatability.
Public enumerationSortDirection
Order that the sort should be performed in.