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NRules.RuleModel.Builders Namespace

Contains types that allow building rules at runtime in the canonical model form.
Public classActionGroupBuilder
Builder to compose a group of rule actions.
Public classAggregateBuilder
Builder to compose an aggregate element.
Public classBindingBuilder
Builder to compose a binding expression element.
Public classDependencyGroupBuilder
Builder to compose a group of rule dependencies.
Public classElement
Factory class for rule elements.
Public classExistsBuilder
Builder to compose an existential element.
Public classFilterGroupBuilder
Builder to compose a group of rule match filters.
Public classForAllBuilder
Builder to compose a forall element (universal quantifier).
Public classGroupBuilder
Builder to compose a group element.
Public classNotBuilder
Builder to compose a negative existential element.
Public classPatternBuilder
Builder to compose a rule pattern.
Public classRuleBuilder
Builder to compose a rule definition. Contains methods to specify rule's metadata, as well as create child builders for rule's left-hand side and right-hand side. Creates IRuleDefinition.
Public classRuleElementBuilder
Base class for rule element builders.
Public classRuleTransformation
Public classRuleTransformationContext
Public enumerationGroupType
Type of group element.