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IAggregator Interface

Base interface for fact aggregators. An aggregator is a stateful element of the rules engine, that receives matching facts of a particular kind, and can combine them into a synthetic fact, that is then used by the downstream logic in the rule. Aggregator also receives updates and removals for the matching facts, so that it can keep the corresponding aggregate facts in sync. An aggregator must be supplemented by a corresponding implementation of IAggregatorFactory that knows how to create new instances of the aggregator.

Namespace:  NRules.Aggregators
Assembly:  NRules (in NRules.dll) Version: 0.9.3
public interface IAggregator

The IAggregator type exposes the following members.

Public methodAdd
Called by the rules engine when new facts enter corresponding aggregator.
Public methodModify
Called by the rules engine when existing facts are modified in the corresponding aggregator.
Public methodRemove
Called by the rules engine when existing facts are removed from the corresponding aggregator.
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