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IAggregatorFactory Interface

Base interface for aggregator factories. Aggregator factory constructs new instances of IAggregator of a given type, so that they can accumulate aggregation results. An IAggregatorFactory type must either be registered in AggregatorRegistry, or provided in the canonical rule model via CustomFactoryType. If both are provided, the aggregator factory at the AggregateElement level takes precedence.

Namespace:  NRules.Aggregators
Assembly:  NRules (in NRules.dll) Version: 0.9.3
public interface IAggregatorFactory

The IAggregatorFactory type exposes the following members.

Public methodCompile
Called by the rules engine to compile the aggregator factory before it is used for the first time.
Public methodCreate
Creates a new aggregator instance. This method is called by the engine for each new combination of preceding partial matches, so that a new instance of the aggregator is created to accumulate the results.
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