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ElementType Enumeration

Describes the element types for the elements of a rule definition.

Namespace:  NRules.RuleModel
Assembly:  NRules.RuleModel (in NRules.RuleModel.dll) Version: 0.9.3
public enum ElementType
  Member nameValueDescription
Action0 Action invoked when the rule fires.
ActionGroup1 Collection of actions associated with the rule.
Aggregate2 Aggregation of facts into synthetic composite facts.
And3 Grouping of the match patterns that matches only when all child patterns match.
Binding4 Evaluates an expression and binds the result to a name.
Dependency5 External service the rule depends on.
DependencyGroup6 Collection of dependencies associated with the rule.
Exists7 Existential quantifier that matches if at least one source fact is present.
Filter8 Agenda filter applied to complete fact matches to determine if they should be placed on agenda.
FilterGroup9 Collection of agenda filters associated with the rule.
ForAll10 Universal quantifier that matches if all facts matching its first pattern also match all other patterns defined in the quantifier.
Not11 Existential quantifier that matches if no source fact are present.
Or12 Grouping of the match patterns that matches when any child patterns matches.
Pattern13 A pattern that matches facts.
NamedExpression14 An expression evaluated by the rules engine.
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